Camera Link (5)

Camera Link is an extremely robust and powerful interface designed for industrial cameras in all performance categories. The bandwidth available with Camera Link can accommodate very small cameras with the size of a sugar cube as well as cameras with several megapixel resolution and often several hundred frames per second speed. Camera Link is currently the recommended standard interface for data rates from 100 MB/s to about 800 MB/s.

GigE (44)

Among the greatest benefits of GigE camera are their fast data throughput rates (up to 120 MB/s) and long maximum cable lengths of up to 100 meters.

USB 3.0 (22)

SB3 Vision cameras are an excellent tool for a variety of applications. Especially their bandwidth that effectively closes the speed gap between Camera Link and GigE interfaces, their simple plug and play functionality and their Vision Standard compliance make them suitable for industrial applications.