Line Lights (Diffused Lighting)

LT Series

"The proprietary illumination structure of the LT Series delivers the industry's top level of uniformity and brightness and offers the optimum lighting for line sensor cameras.
A wide range of variations of emitting surface lengths, from 100 mm to 1,800 mm, are available."

LNV Series

These line-type Coaxial Lights can be used with a line sensor camera for imaging. These Coaxial Lights are ideally suited for imaging scratches, dents, and marks on a curved surface with high reflectivity.


"Light from the LEDs is scattered inside the light unit to evenly illuminate the whole surface of the workpiece,
reducing overexposure and underexposure
16 sizes each in 3 colors (red, white and blue) for a line-up with 96 models
Light emitting surface length up to 1,600 mm
Fan-less cooling system suitable for use in a clean room environment such as for printed circuit board production

* ”△” mark is the model name indicates the LED color with one of the following letters : SW(White), RD(Red...

LNSD Series

"Easy-to-use, compact, and lightweight Line lights.
2 types (High luminance/uniformity) x 3 colors (White, red, and blue LEDs) x 30 sizes (100 mm to 3,000 mm) = 180 models."

LND2 Series

"These Line Lights achieve high brightness which is equivalent to a fluorescent lamp while keeping the price down.
Highly uniform diffused light is irradiated."

HLND Series

"Use of high intensity LEDs and unique illumination structure enables high power output.
The TT type units are used for transmission lighting and the RR type lights are used for reflection lighting.
The light-emitting surface length can be made from 100 mm to 2,700 mm in units of 100 mm."