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AI Defect Inspection Tool
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AI Defect Inspection Tool

SmaAI deep learning visual inspection tools are suitable for a multi-product line, multi-defect inspection application; These tools can also be implemented to replace manual reinspection allowing a faster and more efficient way to ensure product quality. The AI deep learning model, once properly trained, can be easily used on any defect inspection application, providing high-tolerance to different environmental factors, while also reducing software development time.


  • Independent AI training software – save cost
  • Estimated training time displayed
  • Stop training automatically if training fails –save debugging time
  • Manual validation function


  • Modify the latest neural network recognition judgment, you can use it with a few images.
  • Significantly lower the threshold difficulty of applying/importing AI algorithms in automation production line
  • Highly-flexible environment, low customization cost
  • Suitable for product with small quantity and great variety. Traditional machine vision algorithms are not easy to develop and apply when detecting multiple types of defects all at once.
  • Reduced deployment time customization process, reduced human resource support maintenance.

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