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Simple Modular Automation Sequencer
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SmaSEQ Simple Modular Automation Sequencer | Smasoft

SmaSEQis a software platform that integrates all the important industrial automation libraries for ease of use. Traditional production lines require independent software libraries to control various brands and types of hardwares; however, SmaSEQ integrates and modularizes all the different libraries, and conglomerates these software modules into a single easy-to-use sequencer platform. Without any programming experience, one can easily modify control settings and employ drag-and-drop actions to build up an automation application using our sequencer. This essentially allows any SmaSEQ user to easily communicate directly with any industrial automation devices, and also drastically shorten the development time of automation projects on just a single software platform, SmaSEQ.


Intuitive flow chart idea

You can use a variety of different module elements to build and operate an automated process.
Intuitively, one can add annotations to any sequence module, and move, remove, or adjust the order as one wishes.


Miniaturization of products and complexity of functions is a trend. Product part defect detection technology has become more and more demanding in terms of both accuracy and speed. How to integrate production hardware and the corresponding inspection software to keep up with the current technology of visual detection is the key functionality of SmaVISION.


A robotic arm combined with machine vision hardware and software has become a vital part in an automation environment. The technological integration of visual space positioning and motion control has been widely applied to the automated assembly and production applications. SmaRobot enables easy integration of various robotic arm control methods/pathing, whether it is adding a new arm movement or editing existing control functions, all on an easy-to-read sequencing panel.


SmaCOM supports various industrial communication protocols, such as TCP/IP (socket), serial (RS232, RS422, RS485), Modbus and OPCUA etc. These communication protocols can be easily setup by users via simple drop-down menus settings to communicate with external devices.


The motion control system is the core technology enabling machines to execute at high speed and high precision motion functionalities according to a set of predetermined motion patching. Machine motion is usually built on an axial motor; hence precise motor control can directly affect the positioning accuracy of, for example, a pick and place application.
We streamline the automated process of motion control. You no longer need to be trapped in the front-end architecture, nor need to write any complex programming language. You can directly write a sequence/scheduling of various motion movements, streamline control operations, and reduce project development time.


The interface functions can be customized by the user, which will be shown during execution; This is used only when in operator mode where user simply operates and not have to edit the programming sequence (Front Operator Panel).

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